20 people killed in Al-Shabaab attack Mogadishu

20 people killed in Al-Shabaab attack Mogadishu

At least 20 people were killed in a suicide attack in the Somali capital, Mogadishu – theAl-Shabaab militia claimed responsibility for the attack.

The attack was directed against a popular restaurant. 

The head of the Aamin ambulance service, Abdikadir Abdirahman, spoke of 20 confirmed fatalities and 30 injured. Osman described the explosion as “very severe” tha caused “massive destruction”. 

“You can hardly imagine how strong the explosion was,” said police officer Ali Hassan of the German press agency. The number of victims had continued to rise in the evening after one corpse after the other had been recovered from the rubble of the destroyed building.

This was the second attack at the same restaurant that is mostly visited by government officials, security guards and the urban population. 

The Sunni terror group Al-Shabaab claimed the attack through its mouthpiece, Radio Andalus.

Only a few hours earlier, alleged fighters of the group had attacked a prison in the port city of Bosaso in the semi-autonomous province of Puntland and killed at least eight security guards. According to police, a number of prisoners escaped, including suspected terrorists. Al-Shabaab also claimed the crime, claiming the attackers freed nearly 400 prisoners.

The terrorist group has been fighting for the control of the country in the Horn of Africa for years. Al-Shabaab controls large parts of the south and the center and has repeatedly carried out attacks on civilians and security forces.

George Costa

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