Chinese and Indian armed forces clash on border in Sikkim

Geopolitical Risk Advisory & Consulting

International Insider’s geopolitical intelligence advisory service is next-gen political risk consulting for the 21st century.


Our country risk advisory services are ideal for organizations seeking strategic geopolitical guidance. In a world of bewildering data complexity, to have a clear understanding of the ways that politics and geography converge to influence future trends is essential to manage an organization’s success.

We bring together the latest analysis and insights on geopolitical and foreign affairs, putting Governments’ deliberations into context, and tracking and detailing the thinking of key decision-makers.

Geopolitical Forecasts identify strategic trends and predict the likely course of future events based on the current situation integrating multi-source data into accurate, timely forecasts on worldwide issues.

Geopolitical Forecasting and Scenario Development

International Insider consultants analyze cross-border political dynamics, regional and global relationships, government policies and programs, and regulatory regimes to develop scenarios and models to forecast the impacts of geopolitical events on business, supply chains, investments, or assets.

Russia unveils its plans to build two helicopter carriers

Analysis & Insights

We spark and nourish policy debates among stakeholders, including government, business and think-tanks. 

Our aim is to deepen these debates, both within and outside the institutions, as well as upstream of decisions. This is done in a transparent and effective way: fact-based, constructive and professional.

In a complex and ever-changing digital world, International Insider provides readers a much-needed authority through high-quality analysis by specialists with a track record of covering news in the public sector.



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