Saturday, September 18, 2021

Amazon new ‘made-in-China’ label policy may affect Chinese products in India

Amazon Inc., alongside Walmart Inc., have decided to require merchants to display the country of origin for the products being sold digitally in India.

This new measure would single out goods that have been developed in China. It was announced in the midst of an eruption of Anti-China sentiment amongst the Indian population, as border tension rises.

Although there has been no mention in regards to when this policy would be instilled, if it happens to be carried out it could potentially hurt the sales of Chinese products.

These plans came only weeks after the clash between the two nations in the Galwen border region. The dispute has spiked anger amongst Indian civilians towards China and has triggered a Boycott towards Chinese goods.

Sophie Velloso
Sophie Velloso is studying International Relations at Richmond the American International University in London. She is focusing her studies in the areas of transnational public affairs. She has an interest in geopolitics, international security, and sustainable development.