Bejing disputes US allegation PLA Destroyer fired a laser beam at US Navy P-8A patrol aircraft

Bejing disputes US allegation PLA Destroyer fired a laser beam at US Navy P-8A patrol aircraft

China’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) disputes a report PLA Navy destroyer fired a laser beam at a US Navy P-8A reconnaissance aircraft. 

The incident the US Navy characterized as “unsafe and unprofessional”, happened last week but was only revealed by the US Navy on 28 February 28. 

The laser, invisible to the naked eye, was detected by sensors aboard the P-8A Poseidon aircraft.

Ministry of National Defense spokesman Ren Guoqiang answers questions about US hype “laser irradiation” said, “The reports in the US media are not consistent with the facts. On February 17, the Chinese navy formed a routine drill on the high seas. During this period, a P-8A anti-submarine patrol aircraft of the US military ignored the Chinese warnings many times and approached the Chinese warship formation for long-term, low-altitude fly-over reconnaissance.” 

“Throughout the encounter with the US plane, the operation of the Chinese ship was safe, standardized, and professional, in accordance with relevant international laws and international practices. On the contrary, the US aircraft behavior is unfriendly in intention and unprofessional in operation, and poses a serious threat to the safety of both aircraft and personnel on both sides. China is firmly opposed to this and has made solemn representations to the US,” Guoqiang said. 

“We demand that the US immediately stop similar provocative and dangerous actions, and stop unjustified accusations against China, so as not to damage the overall situation of Sino-US military relations,” Guoqiang added. 

Neal Path

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