China MND unveils its Mil to Mil relationship expectations with Biden administration

China MND unveils its Mil to Mil relationship expectations with Biden administration

China Ministry of National Defense (MND) has unveiled its  Mil to Mil Relations expectations with the new Joe Biden US Presidential administration in a regular Press Conference of the MND.

When asked about what’s China’s expectation for the future relationship between the two militaries? the MND said that during the Trump administration, the China-US relations encountered serious difficulties, and the mil-to-mil relationship also faced a lot of risks and challenges.

“Facts have proved that containing China is an impossible mission. The troublemaker will only get himself in trouble” the MND said. “The relations between China and the US and between their militaries have come to a new historical starting point. We hope the new US administration will work with the Chinese side, in the spirit of non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation, to strengthen dialogue, focus on cooperation, and manage differences for healthy and steady development of bilateral ties”.

Chinese and U.S. militaries had a series of exchanges in January 26 and 27, the two militaries held video meetings on cooperation for searching the remains of American POW/MIA(Prisoner of War/Missing in Action) in China.

“We hope the US side will work with China towards the same goal with the same professionalism, properly address China’s concerns in the mil-to-mil relationship, strengthen communication, manage risks, avoid crisis, and push the China-US mil-to-mil relationship forward along the right track” the MND concluded.

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