Saturday, September 18, 2021

Chinese experts predict an escalation in the border dispute with India

Hawkish Chinese military strategists issued several articles warning Beijing to prepare for a potential armed conflict in the bordering region with India.

Numerous former military members are actively lobbying to pressure the Chinese government to increase the number of troops in the territory as well as their armed power.

They urged the authorities to provide combatants with non-lethal weapons such as laser guns. Every expert varied regarding their opinion on whether a war would break out but, there was a unanimous consensus regarding intensifying the military strength in border.

One of the most prominent voices, Qiao Liang, a retired major general, said “If we must fight a war, we must strike quickly and contain the scale in a small and mid-sized war aimed at causing pain to our opponents and hence gaining respect via small wars.”

Sophie Velloso
Sophie Velloso is studying International Relations at Richmond the American International University in London. She is focusing her studies in the areas of transnational public affairs. She has an interest in geopolitics, international security, and sustainable development.