Chinese navy not affected by COVID-19 outbreak, PLA says

Chinese navy not affected by COVID-19 outbreak, PLA says

People’s Liberation Army (PLA) reported absence of COVID-19 cases among China’s armed forces and claimed that the pandemic improved the combat readiness of the military, 

“We have strengthened personnel training on disease response measures, imposed restrictions on unnecessary personnel movements, and canceled unnecessary gatherings,” Major General Chen Jingyuan, health division director of the Logistic Support Department under the Central Military Commission (CMC) said at the at a Press Conference.

PLA’s Colonel Wu Qian also pointed out that during the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control period, all PLA troops have persisted in combating the epidemic without failing in combat effectiveness.

The PLA has resumed regular military drills, moves that military analyst say are a show of strength and control over the pandemic. Chinese army, navy and air forces across all five PLA’s theatre commands started military drills in April.

On 11 April, PLA’s six-ship flotilla, led by the Liaoning aircraft carrier, was spotted sailing through the Miyako Strait – about 330km east of the northernmost tip of Taiwan – on its way to the western Pacific.

“In the future, the Chinese navy will continue to organise similar training schedules to accelerate and improve the combat capability of its aircraft carrier strike groups,” Gao Xiucheng, PLA navy spokesman was quoted as saying in PLA Daily.

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