Chinese PLA enlists combat robot units

Chinese PLA enlists combat robot units

The Chinese People Liberation Army (PLA) is going to employ unmanned combat robots to free human troops from troublesome tasks and avoidable danger.

A story broadcasted by a Chinese TV network (CCTV) displayed a small tracked UAV armed with a machine gun, able to cross harsh terrains providing close surveillance of the battleground, being protected by powerful gunfire.

The UAV embeds also search and discovery tools, including night-vision instruments. The robot can also mount a crane to refill missile launchers swiftly, substituting humans in tedious and stressful activities.

Early tests would prove that the UAV fulfills its reconnaissance duties with precision, but the human controller is still needed to control gunfire. Hence, it is more likely that the PLA will develop the prototype to an automated missile loader ready for the usage of the Rocket Forces.

The PLA is the world’s largest military force and constitutes the second-largest defence budget in the world.

George Costa

George Costa is a reporter specialized in defence and security systems. He covers international defence and security issues, such as international conflicts, WMD proliferation, and cybersecurity, as well as news reporting on developments in the global defence community.