Costa Rica: Telespazio Argentina secures contract for urban and rural cadastral survey

Costa Rica: Telespazio Argentina secures contract for urban and rural cadastral survey
Costa Rica: Telespazio Argentina secures contract for urban and rural cadastral survey

Telespazio Argentina, a joint venture between Leonardo and Thales, was awarded an international tender contract in Costa Rica to conduct an urban and rural cadastral survey of the region.

With a contact value of $20 million and a duration of four years, Telespazio Argentina is now leading this market segment in Latin America.

Under the contract, Telespazio Argentina will provide cadastral services to 50 percent of Costa Rica. Survey work will be carried out on a million parcels (land sections) starting in July 2020 and will involve, with the help of cartographic and satellite data, the collection and cross-reference of cadastral and notary data, on-site checks, dissemination campaigns and the generation of digital cadastral maps with an associated database.

To date, the Registro Nacional of the Republic of Costa Rica has produced a cadastral map of 50 percent of the country’s districts, with Telespazio Argentina contributing 30 percent of the territory.

Satellite technology has a wide range of safety and security applications, including monitoring critical infrastructure, cultural heritage and environmental concerns such as deforestation and oil leakage from drilling platforms.

Satellite data can also provide valuable information to support precision farming and emergency management in the event of earthquakes, floods and fires. It is also thanks to Telespazio’s collection and analysis of satellite data that Leonardo can support the sustainable development of the region.

Telespazio Argentina, based in Buenos Aires, is the leading provider of satellite services in Latin America, where it has operated since 1994. The company has an advanced infrastructure network, including a modern cartographic production center and a teleport of excellence, with a data center.

The Company has three core business lines: Satellite Communications (Satcom), Geoinformation, and Satellite Systems and Operations (SSO). The Satcom business develops networks that integrate modern satellite infrastructure with innovative ground-based systems; Geoinformation operates in the Earth Observation and Land Management sector and SSO partners with the European Space Agency, providing support for operations and maintenance activities at the Deep Space Station in Malargüe (Mendoza).

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