COVID-19 sidelined US Carrier heads back to sea

COVID-19 sidelined US Carrier heads back to sea

The USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier is expected to return to sea later this week, nearly two months after the carrier was sidelined in Guam because of a COVID-19 outbreak, US officials reported.

US Navy Captain Carlos Sardiello said on Monday the vessels will sail with a a scaled-back crew of about 3,000 sailors, leaving about 1,800 personnel who are still in quarantine on shore.

Capt. Sardiello did not discuss timelines or planned operations.

But according to other US officials quoted in the AP the carried is expected to leave in the next few days, and to conduct naval operations in the Pacific region for some period of time before heading to San Diego naval base.

George Costa

George Costa is a reporter specialized in defence and security systems. He covers international defence and security issues, such as international conflicts, WMD proliferation, and cybersecurity, as well as news reporting on developments in the global defence community.