Czechs boosts embassy security after removing controversial Soviet-era statue

Czechs boosts embassy security after removing controversial Soviet-era statue

The Czech Republic is sending additional security forces to protects its embassy in Moscow amid rising tensions with Russia over the removal of a Soviet-era statue in Prague.

Czechs’ plans to ditch a bronze statue of Soviet general Ivan Konev triggered a sharp reaction from Moscow last year.

Tomas Petricek, the Czech minister of foreign affairs, said Prague was enhancing security measures after some nationalist activists reportedly launched a smoke bomb on the grounds of the Czech embassy in Moscow. Activists also allegedly let off smoke bombs in the proximity of the Czech consulate in St Petersburg.

Members of the activist group named Other Russia, confirmed that these actions were a retaliation for the removal of the statute of the Soviet military commander. 

Moscow said the Prague’s decision to remove the statue violated a 1993 friendship treaty between the two countries.

Neal Path

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