Saturday, September 25, 2021

Despite China’s warnings, the US continues imposing sanctions over Hong Kong

On Friday, the US took action against China in attempts to compel Beijing to reconsider the passing of the national security law.

In a public statement, the Secretary of state, Michael Pompeo announced that the US would be imposing a new visa “on current and former CCP officials who are believed to be responsible for, or complicit in, undermining Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy” as well as family member of such individuals.

This measure was instilled with the intention of contributing to the collective global pressure being placed on China, led primarily by members of the G7. There were no specifications mentioned in regards to the processing of other types of individual visa.

This press release was given the same day China’s foreign ministry counterattacked several of the previous statements made by the US accusing Beijing of violating human rights, therefore further escalating the tension between the two.

All these declarations occurred only days after the US-China meeting in Hawaii organized in attempts to ease the relationship between the two.

Sophie Velloso
Sophie Velloso is studying International Relations at Richmond the American International University in London. She is focusing her studies in the areas of transnational public affairs. She has an interest in geopolitics, international security, and sustainable development.