Digital Single Market Copyright Directive: EU to start dialogue with stakeholder

Digital Single Market Copyright Directive: EU to start dialogue with stakeholder
dialogue on Digital Single Market Copyright Directive

The first meeting of the stakeholder dialog on the implementation of Article 17 of the Digital Single Market Copyright Directive on the use of protected content by digital file-sharing service providers will take place tomorrow in Brussels.

Stakeholders will discuss best practices on how content sharing sites and service providers can collaborate with rights holders.

This dialog is envisaged in the context of the new Directive and will help to prepare the guidelines for the implementation of Article 17. The European Commission invited stakeholder organizations to participate on the basis of the criteria set out in the call for expression of interest for the participation of the stakeholder dialogue.

Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, will open the session at 09:45 CEST. Her voice and the discussions can be observed live through the webstream.

Agenda of the meeting 

What is the Digital Single Market Copyright Directive?

The Copyright Directive, of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 April 2019 on copyright and associated rights in the Digital Single Market and amending Directives 96/9/EC and 2001/29/EC, is a Directive of the European Union (EU) which was adopted and entered into force on 7 June 2019.

The Copyright Directive seeks to ensure ‘ a well-functioning environment for the production of works and other subjects taking into account, in particular, electronic and cross-border uses of protected content.’ It would expand the current copyright law of the European Union and is part of the EU Digital Single Market project. The European Council (EC) outlines its key objectives with the Directive.

Insight Analyses

Digital technology has radically changed the way creative content is produced, distributed and accessed. We are adapting the EU rules on copyright for new consumer actions in a Europe that respects its cultural diversity.

Copyright guarantees that writers, composers, musicians, filmmakers and other creators are acknowledged, compensated and protected for their work. This promotes innovation and encourages investment in the creative field.

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