Saturday, September 25, 2021

EU gives Bosnia and Herzegovina additional €6m to manage migration flows

The EU funds aims to improve Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capacity for identification, registration and referral of third-country nationals crossing the border, provide accommodation and basic services for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants and strengthen the capacity for border control and surveillance. Therefore contributing to the prevention of and fight against the trafficking of human beings. 

EU gives Bosnia and Herzegovina additional €6m to manage migration flows

The fund complement the €1,5m already provided by the European Commission to Bosnia and Herzegovina in June to address the immediate humanitarian needs of refugees and migrants. 

Since 2007, in addition to humanitarian assistance,  the European Union has been providing assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the area of migration and border management for an amount of € 24,6m. Since January 2016 Bosnia and Herzegovina has also benefited from the regional programme ‘Support to Protection-Sensitive Migration Management’ worth €8m. 

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