EU to host B-Day: Boosting Connectivity Investments event

EU to host B-Day: Boosting Connectivity Investments event
Boosting Connectivity Investments

The European Commission will host on 2-3 December the B-Day: Boosting Connectivity Investments conference in Brussels

The Boosting Connectivity Investments conference will explore how 5G corridors carry the Union’s leading connectivity to a more robust, stable and cost-effective network, enabling new concerted action between the transport, power and digital sectors.

The state-of – the-art rollout of 5 G in Europe would be discussed, and the importance of corridors for the entire digital environment in Europe would be illustrated, discussing at the same time technical and implementation challenges.

The goal of the Boosting Connectivity Investments conference is to bring together and inform all relevant stakeholders on the latest developments and implementation of EU broadband initiatives. It will also educate participants on the planning of the next Connecting Europe Center.

The conference will address state-of – the-art technology, business models and finance with a view to finding ideas and synergies between sectors.

The role of connectivity in the European Cloud, HPC, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Analytics will also be addressed by looking at the challenges and opportunities of the intersection between enabling technologies and infrastructures and broadband connectivity, with a specific goal of finding synergies between DEP and CEF.

CEF Digital (CEF 2) will help to achieve connectivity targets by providing the necessary funding to help address the socio-economic and policy challenges facing Europe in the fields of health, education, climate change, population ageing, etc.

The conference will also give the floor to look to the future through the eyes of “digital natives” as well as pave the way for the CEF Digital implementation process, beginning with the creation of strong CEF communities that will provide innovative and sound ideas to help create a valuable pool of projects for implementation.

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