Finland gets Nokia’s FWA 5G Network

Finland gets Nokia’s FWA 5G Network
Finland gets Nokia's FWA 5G Network

Nokia has confirmed that it is partnering with Telia Group, a major telecommunications and mobile network operator in the Nordics and Baltics, to provide Nokia’s FWA 5G Network to Finnish consumers.

The FastMile 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) gateway from Nokia allows Telia to unlock the full potential of its 5G mobile network and extend new ultra-broadband services to residential households across the country.

Finnish customers who subscribe to Telia’s improved 5 G network can now pick up, plug in and have immediate access to a Nokia Fastmile 5 G gateway in select stores.

A user-friendly graphical interface on the gateway helps consumers identify the right place to achieve the best quality while incorporating WiFi features ensure that ultra-broadband access is available in every corner of the house.

Janne Koistinen, 5G Program Manager for Telia Finland, said, “We want customers to enjoy the benefits of 5G regardless of where they are, and Nokia is an important partner helping us achieve this.”

Koistinen added, “With Fixed Wireless Access solutions like Nokia’s Fastmile 5G Gateway, our customer will be able to quickly leverage our end-to-end 5G network and enhanced services to support all of their ultra-broadband needs in the home.”

Leopold Diouf, Head of Nokia Fixed Wireless Access, said, “We are excited to help Telia create extraordinary experiences and bring the power of 5G to customers across Finland.”

Finland gets Nokia's 5G Network

What is 5G technology?

5G networks are virtual mobile networks that split the service area served by carriers into specific geographic areas called cells. In the mobile, analog signals representing sounds and images are digitized, converted to digital converters by an analog and transmitted as bits flow.

Cities expect the accelerated deployment of faster 5G networks and challenge communities with decisions on spectrum bands and the companies to be deployed.

The new network is supposed to provide enhanced mobile broadband coverage as well as lead to more remote sensors and monitoring that boost autonomous vehicles, transportation, health care, city services and more.

Insight Analysis

New FastMile 5G services are expected to support 5G NR in both NSA (Non-StandAlone) and SA (StandAlone) modes.

5G FWA is a growing market for operators, with user revenue expected to hit $7.4 billion by 2023.

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