Finnish Navy to receive Kongsberg’s ASW solutions and sonars

Finnish Navy to receive Kongsberg’s ASW solutions and sonars

Kongsberg Maritime AS, Sensor & Robotics  has been tasked to deliver Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) solutions and diver detection sonars to the four new Pohjanmaa-class corvettes being procured by the Finnish Navy under the Squadron 2020 corvette programme.

Kongsberg’s Sensor & Robotics division will deliver its SS2030 sonars with hoist-able hull units and ice protection to the Finnish Navy for operation in the harsh conditions of the Baltic Sea.

Under the contract worth about NKR100 million ($9.71m), the company will be responsible for equipping Finnish Navy’s corvettes with its SS2030 and SD9500 sonars, shallow-water ASW, diver detection, and mine-hunting equipment.

The contract with Saab, which is combat system provider and integrator for the Pohjanmaa-class ships, was announced in a press release on 15 April.

Specially designed for ASW operations, the active hull-mounted sonar SS2030 utilizes tracking algorithms to detect torpedoes or other small objects in the water column. The system is ideally suited for deployment in shallow-water environments.

The SS2030 is an active high frequency (20-30 kHz) hull-mounted sonar optimised for ASW in shallow water littoral environments, with additional capabilities for small target detection and torpedo.

The system’s integrated Sound Propagation Model allows operators to determine the optimal tilt settings and improve the Probability of Detection (PoD) ratio

The sonar’s electronically stabilized transmitting and receiving beams can be tilted to adjust to challenging sound speed profiles. 

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