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We bring together the latest news, analysis and insights on digital transformation in the defence & security sector, putting Governments’ deliberations into context, and tracking and detailing the thinking of key decision-makers within the public sector.

Our goal is to find order in the apparent chaos of foreign affairs to empower our readers to confidently navigate a complex global geopolitical environment.

Geopolitics and International Affairs News

International Insider explains the world concentrating on the territorial element of inter-state relations and through a meticulous application of geopolitics: the military, political, economic and geographic dimensions that are the foundation of any nation in the world.

The Geopolitics News section looks at complex contemporary regional environments that have recently been in the news, for example, the artics, along with more traditional key geopolitical chokepoints such as international straits. We analyze several key issues ranging from trans-boundary and natural resource disputes to the spatiality of the phenomena of terrorism and geographical perspectives. 

The Geopolitics section aims to provide readers an understanding of contemporary war and warfare, in the light of military, political, diplomatic, economic and technological dynamics affecting the global political environment.  Recent conflicts in Europe, Africa and the Middle will be regularly monitored and covered. 

We cover a wide range of topics including military technology, new weaponry, C4ISR, military operations, wartime preparations, and defence budget priorities.

The International Affairs news section aims to enhance understanding of global affairs challenges and advance knowledge and its exchange. International affairs are often viewed in terms of levels of systemic concepts analysis of those broad concepts that define and shape an international milieu, characterized by anarchy. 

The section provides the latest news and insights on foreign affairs and international relations including nuclear non-proliferation and humanitarian crises. It also features high-quality research on a wide range of public policy issues and the trends that currently shape world politics.

The Technology news section is designed to provide readers with updates and analysis on the latest defence and security technology. We believe that technology feeds geopolitical competition. Indeed, we analyze the impact of emerging technologies like big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G on the global geopolitical order.

The Intelligence and Security news section examined the trends that currently shape the developments of intelligence and international security in the 21st century discuss the ways in which intelligence issues manifest themselves in security issues in peace and war.

Geopolitics and Defence News

The section provides reflections on counter-terrorism strategies and the role of strategic interventions to confronting the root cause of terrorism. 

The Weekly Defence Briefing magazine, published weekly on the web, is International Insider’s home for ambitious reporting and sharp analysis to help readers make sense of the week’s most relevant stories in defence, geopolitics and global affairs. We publish in-depth features, and powerful art and design, from the best writers, thinkers, and journalists around the world.

Geopolitical Inteligence Insights

Intelligence Briefings examine how issues ranging from uncertainty surrounding geopolitical events are affecting specific regions or industries. Briefings combine operational ground-level reporting with strategic level assessments to provide readers with concise and insightful assessments.

Situation reports analyze relevant geopolitical topics or issues from all possible angles. The section provides unbiased, accurate and actionable geopolitical intelligence about the political, economic, and military impact of a salient international event.

Analysis helps readers to anticipate and navigate a volatile geopolitical system providing accurate forecasts and scenarios for both short term and long term horizons. In a world of bewildering data complexity, to have a clear understanding of the ways that politics and geography converge to influence future trends is essential to manage organisations’ success.

Geopolitical Forecasts identify strategic trends and predict the likely course of future events based on the current situation integrating multi-source data into accurate, timely forecasts on worldwide issues.

Defence Industry Directory is a database of the top defence and security companies from around the world. 

Our Values

The internet has created opportunities on a vast and growing scale; unlocking potential, revolutionizing access to information and transforming society.

We believe that defence news media can play a crucial role in times of conflicts and international geopolitical crises and that enabling the media to become more open and effective it is possible to improve the environment for the global social-political stability.

The American sociologist Dorothy Nelkin argued that the majority of people “the reality is what they read in the press”. Indeed, once individual leave schools the media is the main channel for remaining informed about advances in society.

The exposure of individuals to large scale disinformation, including misleading or outright fake news is a threat to democratic political and policy-making processes, and may even put the protection of citizens’ health, and security.

International Insider is fully committed to enhancing the European Commission’s Action Plan to step up efforts to counter disinformation in Europe and beyond.

We strive to be objective to the opinions swirling around the world. We are committed to creating a meaningful impact while contributing a positive legacy for generations to come.