Saturday, September 25, 2021

Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation test new supersonic missiles

The Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has tested ten missiles in the last 40 days to further enhance the country’s defence capabilities. 

The BrahMos Missile was examined on 30 September and it rendered fruitful results according to an agency statement.

The supersonic missile, which first had an estimated range of 300 kilometers has now been upgraded to reach 450 kilometers.

On 9 October, the Rudram was test-fired from an Indian fighter jet Sukhoi-30 off the east coast in a training operation.

According to DRDO Chairman G Satheesh Reddy, the organization has been keeping working continuously through the COVID-19 pandemic and developed “some of the best systems to make India a global power”. 

The chairman added that the Brahmos is a supersonic cruise missile that has been designed to be used by all three country’s armed forces, the Army, Navy and the Air Force.

He also expressed confidence in India’s self-reliance for missiles, saying that the nation can produce quality indigenous systems.

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