Israel ready to unilaterally prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons

Israel ready to unilaterally prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons

Israel, if necessary, will be ready to unilaterally interfere with the implementation of Iran’s nuclear program, according to Israeli Defense Minister Beni Gantz statement.

According to Gantz, the contingency plan is in the process of been  “worked out and improved” until they have to be implemented. “The Iranians have violated all the agreements concluded with them,” the head of the Israeli Defense Ministry stressed.

“Iran’s aspirations to develop nuclear weapons must be thwarted,” he said. “It’s very good if this can be done within the framework of global efforts. But otherwise, we will have to act independently and defend ourselves.”

Earlier Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also gave an interview to Fox News, in which he stressed that the country will do everything possible to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. 

At the same time, he expressed the hope that U.S. President Joe Biden understands Israel’s position on this issue. Biden promised during the election campaign to return the United States to a nuclear deal with Iran. However, Israel has always opposed this agreement, believing that it could give Tehran the opportunity to work on the creation of nuclear weapons.

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