Italy purchases Russian Schwabe optical sights for installation on Saiga,Vepr and Tiger rifles

Italy purchases Russian Schwabe optical sights for installation on Saiga,Vepr and Tiger rifles
Russian Schwabe optical sights

Italy has purchased several optical sights of the Schwabe holding (part of Rostec), according to Russian State Media.

“The Italian side purchased seven models of civilian sights of the Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant. For installation on the popular Russian weapons” Saiga “,” Vepr “and” Tiger “, PO6x36, PO3-9×24, PO4x24 sights and their modifications from the Military Classics series were selected, Russian media reported.

In addition, new items were delivered, such as PO1x20A, PO4-12x36P, PO1 / 4 and PO1.5 / 6 sights with mounts, including on the Picatinny rail.

Russian optical sights have cases made of aviation aluminum, which guarantees reliability and has a polymer coating that provides protection against mechanical damage.

Defence Insight Analysis

The roots of the Russian optics industry can be traced back to 1837, when German Theodore Schwabe opened his store to trade in foreign-made eyeglasses and optical tools.

Shvabe’s company, which has become a manufacturer of optics over time, has experienced the toughest moments in Russia’s history, including World War I and World War II.

The State Optics Institute was established in 1918 in this country (S.I. Vavilov GOI), in a landmark event for domestic optical research. In the 1920s-1930s, the optics industry underwent modernization, with improvements to existing production facilities, and new plant construction.

The company holds 672 patents and is not going to rest on the laurels – its constituent companies are registering 150-170 new patents a year, including 5-9 international patents.

The company’s products enjoy strong demand in 83 countries around the world. The company is planning to launch an IPO shortly.

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