Saturday, September 25, 2021

Lithuanian National Cyber Security Centre warns of risk associated with Russian-made routers

Wireless routers used by Lithuanians may be used to collect data on citizens and companies, Lithuanian Vice Defence Minister Edvinas Kerza, says.

The National Cyber Security Centre at the Ministry of National Defence (NCSC) has conducted an in-depth investigation of one of the most popular wireless routers in the country and discovered that the system systematically sends data to servers located in Russia.

“[The routers] are still widely used since they are budget-class and fairly efficient,” said Kerza, adding that several internet service providers used to include the routers into their packages. 

Following the announcement, distributors decided to remove the routers from the domestic market. 

Rytis Rainys, the director of the Lithuanian National Cyber Security Centre, said the systems had pre-installed DNS settings that directed the service to Russia-based servers. 

Kerza also noted that about 90 percent of wireless routers used in the country are produced either in China or Taiwan. “And we found that even though they were supposed to be produced in Taiwan, they were in fact produced in Russia,” Kerza said.

The NCSC published today its annual National Cyber Security Status Report.

About the NCSC
National Cyber Security Centre at the Ministry of National Defence (NCSC) is the leading cybersecurity institution in the country responsible for unified management of cyber incidents, monitoring, and control of the implementation of cybersecurity requirements, accreditation of information resources. 
The NCSC was established on January 2015, after the entry into force of the Law on Cybersecurity of the Republic of Lithuania. 
Within the limits of its mandate, the NCSC is tasked to make decisions along with the state institutions and organizations and other economic entities on the issues of state information resources and critical information infrastructure of cybersecurity.

George Costa
George Costa is a reporter specialized in defence and security systems. He covers international defence and security issues, such as international conflicts, WMD proliferation, and cybersecurity, as well as news reporting on developments in the global defence community.