Morning Defence News Briefing 14 February 2020

Morning Defence News Briefing 14 February 2020
Morning Defence News Briefing 14 February 2020

Morning Defence News Briefing 14 February 2020



  • Ukrainian minister Zahorodniuk meets Turkish counterpart Akar, focus on cooperation
  • Croatia, Minister Krsticevic, the Croatian military will return to Iraq.
  • Russia-Cuba, Ambassador Guskov, we will evaluate new defense projects.
  • Russia, FSB, internal checks after Lubyanka shooting.


  • Libya, LNA, Di Maio and Haftar discussed the security of maritime borders.
  • Tunisia, extensive counter-terrorism operation in the mountains on the border with Algeria is underway.


  • Yemen, naval forces unearth Houthi mines in the Red Sea.
  • Iraq launches anti-Isis operation without international help, for experts it is a risk.
  • Iraq, attack in Diyala governorate, two civilians killed.


  • India-USA, media report, possible signing of defence agreements worth 3.5 billion dollars.


Israel’s Rafael demonstrates Drone Dome laser intercepts: Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has shown in a video its Drone Dome counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system that uses a laser to destroy commercial drones (read more)

US wants to develop a new technology to detect weapons of mass destruction threat activity: The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Defense Sciences Office has tasked BAE Systems to develop a new advanced analytics technology that will assist the US Armed Forces to detect and deter weapons of mass destruction (WMD) activity worldwide (read more).

Ukraine meets criteria for joining NATO’s Enhanced Opportunity Partnership: Ukrainian Minister of Defence Andriy Zahorodniuk says that Kiev meets the criteria for joining NATO’s Enhanced Opportunity Partnership (EOP) and calls on the Alliance to consider the country’s application for participation in the program (read more).

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