North and South Korea soldiers open fire along border

North and South Korea soldiers open fire along border

North and South Korean armed forces have opened fire along border, South Korean military reported.

This is not the first time armed confrontations occurs along the world’s most heavily fortified border.

The incident is didn’t cause any known casualties on either side and is unlikely to bring to any further escalation.

According to the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff, North Korean soldiers fired several rounds at a South Korean guard post within the border zone. South Korea responded at the fire with a total of 20 rounds of warning shots on two occasions before issuing a warning broadcast.

South Korea suffered no casualties, South Korean military official said. Defense officials also said it was highly unlikely for North Korea to have had any casualties as South Korean warning shots were fired at uninhibited North Korean territory.

North Korean official state media channel Korean Central News Agency hasn’t reported about the incident.

Seoul sent a message to Pyongyang to try to avoid an escalation, but the North hasn’t yet replied, according to South Korea’s military.

The fire exchange comes a day after Pyongyang broadcast images of leader Kim Jong Un reappearing in public after a long absence amid intense speculation about his health condition.

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