PLA air missile brigade upgrades its air defence database after vulnerability emerged at tests

PLA air missile brigade upgrades its air defence database after vulnerability emerged at tests

A People’s Liberation Army (PLA) ground and air missile brigade has upgraded its ‘air condition database’ after a vulnerability emerged during a March exercise in the southern region of China.  

During the military exercise, three radar stations deployed failed to identify one unknown air target, the Chinese MoD said in a statment.

“During one exercise, the three radar stations disagreed on the identification of the designated target, and missed the best time to fight,” PLA press office said, “Afterwards, it was found that although all units usually have a data collection system, the collection is not precise, complete, and new enough, and the data is not frequently used, extensive, or in-depth, plus the equipment model, location, and tasks of each station.”

After the tests, the brigade decided to upgrade the critical database to make sure that the tracking function correlates data from various sensors, and merges many different track sources.

“The future war is highly dependent on data resources, and it must get rid of the traditional thinking of empirical decision-making, establish the concept of data support and data victory, and let “speak with data, rely on data decision” gradually become officers and soldiers,” the PLA said.  

“It is reported that since the second half of last year, the brigade’s officers and soldiers have used the “air condition database” to accurately study and judge targets in major exercise missions,” it added.  

The need for more efficiency in the military is growing. It is expected that a significant increase in efficiency will be obtained by an integration of C2 and information technology. 

Neal Path

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