Saturday, September 18, 2021

Putin unveils plans to equip Russian armed forces with the latest defence technology

Russian President Vladimir Putin has unveiled his plans to equip the Russian army and navy with cutting-edge weapons, including laser and hypersonic systems.

The president stressed that the majority of Russian weapons have no equivalents in the world.

“We will be doing our utmost so that our army and navy can become more and more advanced, which means strengthening capabilities of the strategic forces, channeling cutting-edge hardware to all types of forces, including laser, hypersonic systems and high-precision systems,” Putin announced at the State Kremlin Palace at a gala concert marking Defender of the Motherland Day.

“Along with this, as for promising models which are actually the weapons of the future, we have already gone from the stage of trials up to [the stage] of putting them on constant combat duty,” Putin added.

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