Russia launches SU-35 fighter production for Egypt

Russia launches SU-35 fighter production for Egypt

Russia has launched the production of SU-35 fighter jets under a contract with Egypt, a military source told Russian state media.

“The Gagarin Aircraft Plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur has launched the production of Su-35, intended to be delivered to the Egyptian Air Force under the contract signed in 2018,” the source said.

“The timeframe for first batch’s delivery to the Egyptian side has not been set yet, due to restrictions imposed by the novel coronavirus outbreak,” he added.

Russian media sources reported in March that Egypt had decided to purchase several Su-35 fighter jets for about $2 billion.

The signing of the deal has never been confirmed by official sources.

China was the first country to buy Su-35 signing a $2.5-billion deal with Russia for 24 aircraft. Delivery to China was completed in 2019.

The Su-35 is impressive even though it is not a stealth fighter. It is The the top Russian air-superiority fighter in service today, and represents the pinnacle of fourth-generation jet fighter design.

The fighter jet is an evolution of the Su-27 Flanker, a late Cold War design intended to match the F-15 in concept.

George Costa

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