Russia promotes dialogues on smart city technologies with Japan

Russia promotes dialogues on smart city technologies with Japan
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The Russian Minister of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Vladimir Yakushev has announced his plans to discuss smart city technologies during a diplomatic mission to Japan on August 14.

“Within the framework of the Russian-Japanese working group on urban environment issues, the Ministry of Construction is conducting pilot projects related to the Smart City area. Voronezh and Vladivostok are participating in them,” Yakushev said.

The minister added that the project “Combating traffic congestion (smart traffic lights)” was successfully implemented in Voronezh. In his opinion, other regions should benefit from the Voronezh experience.

Representatives of the Russian municipalities and regions will also take part to the bilateral meetings.

Yakushev also met with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan Kodzuki Toyohisa. They discussed the cooperation of countries in the formation of a comfortable urban environment and the development of housing construction.

The Smart City project was first launched in the country in 2018; since 2019, it has been implemented as part of the national project Housing and Urban Environment. The Smart City standard is a set of digital and tools technological solutions for digitalizing the urban environment.

Regions are tasked under Russian federal law for the development and implementation of Smart City regional programs.

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