Russia to develop a new armor technology for combat vehicles

Russia to develop a new armor technology for combat vehicles
Finnish and Swedish troops will take part in several NATO exercises in the coming weeks.

Russia is reportedly developing a new armor technology for combat vehicles, which reduces equipment and maintains strength characteristics, said Alexander Krasovitsky, General Director of the Military Industrial Company LLC (MIC).

“MIC, together with the Central Research Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy named after Bardin, did a great job to clarify the key positions of the program for the development and production of new steels for armored vehicles. In the coming months, we are ready to make samples of armor elements from new grades of steel and start testing them based on the Corps Plant,” said Krasovitskiy to local media. 

Krasovitskiy noted that at the moment, five research projects are underway to create armored and structural steels, which will reduce the weight of vehicles and maintain their protection. 

Also, the weight reduction will increase the flow rate of the equipment, said Krasovitsky. Russia armored vehicles for $1 billion Russia has begun to promote armored vehicles for export on the Boomerang platform. 

The preliminary estimate of their sales is about $ 1 billion, the press service of Rosoboronexport reported.

 As noted by the general director of the particular exporter company Alexander Mikheev, whose words are quoted in the press service, countries in Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the CIS have already shown interest in Boomerang.

 “We estimate the volume of exports of this platform in the foreseeable future at the level of about $ 1 billion,” said the CEO. 

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