Russia to update its aerospace forces communication systems with sixth-generation radio stations by 2020

Russia to update its aerospace forces communication systems with sixth-generation radio stations by 2020

Russian authorities plan to finalize the tests of a new communications complex of the air-ground communications system for the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) by the end of 2020, according to the head of the Russian Main Directorate of Communications of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant General Vadim Shamarin, quoted in Russian state media. 

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation plans to update communication complexes with sixth generation radio stations, Shamarin said.

“The basis of the tactical control link system is a radio communication system, which is currently being built on the radio stations of the” Aqueduct “complex supplied to the troops as part of a single tactical link control system product. The troops will be replaced by sixth generation radio stations, namely carried radio stations, “Shamarin said.

According to him, within the framework of improving the satellite communication system, the orbital constellation of spacecraft is also being updated. He mentioned the upgraded military communications satellite “Meridian-M”, which was launched in February this year from the Plesetsk cosmodrome and successfully launched into orbit.

The Lieutenant General also informed that this year the creation of a domestic container ground station, portable subscriber terminals of the millimeter range with a throughput of up to 10 Mbit / s will be completed. “These measures will significantly increase the throughput, minimize the lease of a” civilian “resource, expand service areas and provide personal satellite communications to the relevant officials,” Shamarin explained.

Shamarin also said that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation plans to equip surface ships, submarines and support vessels with new integrated communication systems. “At the coastal communication facilities, measures are being taken to modernize data exchange complexes, which will significantly reduce the time for delivering target designations,” he specified.

“The work is nearing completion on the creation of promising field communication centers of the air-and-ground communication forces of the air forces. This year, the state tests of the communications complex of the air-ground communication system of operational-tactical aviation will be completed,” Shamarin said.

This will, among other things, increase noise immunity and throughput, reduce the type and number of communications equipment at the facilities of the Navy, and also extend the service life of ultra-long-wave radio stations.

“The successful solution of the problems of the development of the communication system of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will allow <…> to ensure the stability of communication directions in conditions of fire and radioelectronic impact, increase the throughput of communication lines tenfold, create an interconnected information and telecommunication infrastructure of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation based on the integration of stationary and field communication systems of the services and combat arms, “explained the lieutenant general.

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