Russian Army receives solar panels to power military equipment

Russian Army receives solar panels to power military equipment
Russian Army receives solar panels to power military equipment

The Russian Army have received the first batch of portable 30, 50 and 100 Wt autonomous electric power sources, power sources based on solar panels, according to Russian Ministry of Defense.

“The first batch of these sources has arrived at the central engineering storage facilities and is now being dispatched to engineering troops’ units,” the ministry’s press office said.

“As their innovative feature, the solar batteries use Russian-made photovoltaic converters manufactured under modern technology with an efficiency factor of over 20% in their design.”

“These power sources are designed to accomplish tasks in the absence of centralized electric power supply,” the press office added.

Defence Insight Analysis

As military forces from around the world increases its use of UAVs and drones in surveillance, ISTAR and combat overseas, the danger posed by a threat back at home grows.

Many drone flights are piloted by soldiers located in the mainland, even when the drones are flying over Iraq or Syria. Those pilots and their C2 systems depend on the local electricity grid – large, complex, interconnected and very vulnerable to attack.

Without electricity from civilian power plants, the most advanced military in world history could be crippled.

For example, a study by a US team revealed the three ways American military bases’ electrical power sources are threatened, and shows how the U.S. military could take advantage of solar power to significantly improve national security.

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