Saturday, September 25, 2021

Singapore’s ST Engineering rolls out updated Adder Micro RWS for UGV integration

ST Engineering, a Singapore-based de defence and engineering group, has unveiled its updated Adder Micro remote weapon station (RWS), which has reportedly been optimised for unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) applications, at the Singapore Airshow.

According to company, the Adder Micro RWS weighs less than 50 kg and can be equipped with a servo-driven twin weapon cradle that can accommodate a variety of small arms. The weapon station can traverse a full 360° in the azimuth and elevate at angles of -20 to 60°.

Live firing was completed in Estonia and the 350kg stabilised Adder system — containing 32 40mm grenades a

The Micro Adder UGV also feature a tele-operable range of 500m, and its size makes it ideal for use in confined or urban areas. The system can be controlled by a single operator using a 10in (25cm) touchscreen.

Valerie Tricarico
Valerie Tricarico is a Security journalist specialized in C4ISR systems. She covers transnational security issues, such as international relations, terrorism, insurgency, state stability, organized crime, WMD proliferation and cybersecurity, as well as trends within OSINT analytics and news reporting on developments in the global intelligence community.