Slovak Foreign Minister apologizes to Ukraine for PM joke on Transcarpathia

Slovak Foreign Minister apologizes to Ukraine for PM joke on Transcarpathia

Slovak Foreign Minister Ivan Korchok apologized to his Ukrainian counterpart Dmitry Kuleba for the joke of the Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovich about the payment for the Russian Sputnik V vaccine in Transcarpathia.

“Today I spoke with his Ukrainian counterpart, Foreign Minister Dimitri Kuleba I apologized to him for the inappropriate statements of the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Igor Matovic against Ukraine.” – wrote Korchok on Thursday on his page on Facebook .

The minister expressed regret in connection with this situation, noting that relations between the two states are at a good level. “I am all the more sorry, because just a few days ago in Kiev we had a very good conversation about how to further develop our relations,” said Korchok.

Earlier in an interview with Slovak Radio Expres, Matovic, answering the host’s question about what he had promised Russia for the supply of the vaccine, said that the payment was “Transcarpathian Ukraine”. After that, Kuleba criticized the statement of the Prime Minister of Slovakia, and then the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry demanded an official apology from Matovic. Charge d’Affaires of the republic in Ukraine Matusz Korba was invited to the Ukrainian ministry and protested to him, and the Ukrainian ambassador Yuriy Mushka lodged a corresponding protest to the Slovakian Foreign Ministry.

The first batch of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine was delivered to Slovakia on March 1. 

he purchase of the vaccine has led to controversy in the country’s government.

Matovic criticized opponents of the acquisition of the Russian vaccine, saying that such a position is irresponsible and a manifestation of populism, since it puts ideology above the main national interest during a pandemic – concern for the health and preservation of the life of Slovaks.

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