South Korea to develop engines for Turkish Altay tank

South Korea to develop engines for Turkish Altay tank

Turkey is about to acquire a South Koreans supply of engines to power Turkish-developed Altay tank. 

The engine delivery is expected “to happen soon”,  according to Ismail Demir, chairman of the defense industry’s chairmanship (SSB) statement to local media.

According to Demir, Turkey continues to develop its natively-designed engine with the long-term objective to have an independent supply line of Altay tanks and not be dependent upon foreign countries. 

He added that the future Turkish engine would serve as a basis for driving other armored Turkish vehicles.

The alleged South Korean engine is a Doosan Infracore DV27K. This engine is a 4-cycle, 12-cylinder engine with 1500 hp. According to the characteristics of the South Korean manufacturer, the engine is water-cooled.

Otokar is the main producer of the Altay project. Turkey and Otokar signed an agreement to develop the tank in 2007. The value of the contract was then about $ 500 million and included four prototypes.

Batu – the Turkish engine currently under development –  is expected to provide a 1600 hp with a diesel engine with an autonomous gearbox. 

The manufacturer of the engine is the Turkish company BMS.

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