Saturday, September 25, 2021

South Korea to develop new vehicle-mounted futuristic laser weapon system

South Korean defence contractor Hanwha Defense has announced it is currently developing a new vehicle-mounted futuristic weapon system.

The company is creating a prototype of a new laser system led by the Agency for Defense Development (ADD).

The system, named Laser System for Explosive Disposal (LSED), is designed to neutralise surface landmines and unexploded ordnance.

The LSED has been designed to use a solid-state heat capacity laser beam to heat target ordnance causing the explosive filler to ignite and start to burn the device. It results in a low-level explosion that is expected to minimizes collateral damage.

In addition, as operators do not need to leave the vehicle to neutralise targets, it protects them from exposure to sniper fire.

Neal Path
Neal Path is a reporter covering international affairs and defense news. He leads a team of specialist technical journalists and defense forecasting analysts, working across a range of online products. Neal Path is a defense technology specialist and has written widely on most areas of defense technology, but his particular areas of interest include missile defense, precision weapons, naval warfare, sensor capabilities and military operations.