Swiss Army upgrades its Tactical Reconnaissance System with Elbit’s C2 solution

Swiss Army upgrades its Tactical Reconnaissance System with Elbit’s C2 solution

The Swiss Army has awarded Elbit Systems a $15 million contract to supply Command and Control (C2) systems for its Taktisches Aufklärungssystem (Tactical Reconnaissance System, TASYS) of the Armed Forces, the company announced in a press release on 16 April. 

Effective information exchange is essential. The C2 solution will provide the Swiss Armed Forces the essential tools to plan and execute efficiently military operations – as well as manage battlespace parameters such as Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) inputs and logistics. 

Under the three years contract, the company will provide Swiss Army reconnaissance battalions and forward observers with its C2 systems. 

The C2 solution is designed to improve the battalions’ target acquisition, prioritizing, and data dissemination capabilities as well as enabling the generation of a common operational picture. 

Swiss Armed forces use TASYS to process multi-source intelligence data gathered from sensor systems and telescopic masts. The system can be operated from 100 EAGLE 6×6 vehicles.

Neal Path

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