Thales is a French multinational company specialised in digital systems that provides services for the aerospace, defence, transportation and security industry.



Thales has 64,000 employees and generated €14.9 billion in revenues in 2016. As of 2017, it is also the 8th largest defence contractor in the world and 55% of its total sales are military sales.

The company is partially state-owned by the French government and has operations in more than 56 countries.

The predecessor of Thales, Thomson-CSF, originated from the 1893 founded Compagnie Française Thomson-Houston (CFTH).

In December 2000, shortly after the acquisition of Racal Electronics plc, a UK defence electronics group, the company changed its name to Thales like the Greek philosopher.

Thales’ international subsidiaries delivered about 52% of the company’s revenue in 2008, with Thales UK being the largest of these accounting for 13% of group revenue.

Thales’ headquarters are in La Défense (the business district of Paris), and its stock is listed on the Euronext Paris.


Global Revenue: €18.86bn (2018)
Operating Income: 1.178bn (2018)
Net Income: €982 million (2018)
Area Served: Worldwide
Order Book: €32.3bn (2018)
Employees: 80,000 (2019)
Key People: Patrice Caine (CEO), Pascal Bouchiat (CFO), Pierre Eric Pommellet (CPO)
Main Subsidiaries: GmbH, SYSGO, Vormetricl

Did you know: Thales’ international subsidiaries generated 52% of the company’s revenue in 2008, with Thales UK being the largest of these accounting for 13% of group revenue


Patrice Caine  (CEO)
Patrice Caine 

Pascal Bouchiat (CFO)
Pascal Bouchiat

Pierre Eric Pommellet  (CPO)

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Hercules Operators Conference October 14-17 2019 (Atlanta, USA)

The Hercules Operators Conference provides professionals from across the avionics industry with the opportunity to share operational, technical, modification and maintenance insights with Hercules and Orion aircraft owners/operators, service centers and suppliers.

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