The EU shots a warning fire to Libyan warring parties

The EU shots a warning fire to Libyan warring parties
IRINI: New EU mission to monitor Libya’s UN arms embargo (photo courtesy of the European Council)

The High Representative of the European Union calls for a truce in Libya, forewarning that the EU will prosecute any responsible of international law infringements.

Few minutes before the Council of the European Union videoconference of defense ministries on the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on security and defense, the Chairman and High Representative, Joseph Borrell, speaking on behalf of the European Union renewed the request for a truce in Libya.

The European Union stresses that the urgent necessity that all parties behave conscientiously and immediately stop hostilities all over Libya, because the civil war is first and foremost hitting civilians, including migrants, and threatens their life. The EU urges all parties to agree on a negotiated ceasefire.

“[The European Union] reminds the parties that they must respect international law, including international humanitarian law, and that those who violate it will be held accountable.”

Joseph Borrell, The High Representative of the European Union.

The European Union urges all parties to protect civilians, including migrants and refugees, by allowing and facilitating a safe, rapid and unimpeded delivery of humanitarian aid and services to all those affected.

The European Union maintains its commitment to enforce the UN arms embargo in Libya, stress the role of Operation IRINI and underlines that all efforts must be made to guarantee the full enforcement of relevant UNSC resolutions, also over the land and air borders with Libya.

The European Union urges all parties fighting in Libya to cooperate to agree a long-term ceasefire by approving the draft of agreement discussed at the joint military committee held in Geneva on 23rd February 2020.

According to Borrell, “the truce must proceed hand in hand with an immediate resumption of UN-brokered talks between the parties, and in full respect of the Libyan Political Agreement”. The Eu confirms its support to an inclusive political solution mirroring the conclusions of the Berlin conference, as decided by UNSC Resolution n°2510.

To help the quick recommencement of political talks among the Libyan parties, the EU wishes that a successor to Ghassam Salame as Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya can be agreed quickly and urges all States to collaborate with the UN in the political process. The European Union repeats its vow to preserve the sovereignty, unity and stability of Libya and to international law.

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