UK unveils two-year cyber capability programme plans

UK unveils two-year cyber capability programme plans

The UK Parliament is ready to introduce a two-year cyber capability improvement programme.

The Parliament released a competitive notice to seek a supplier to provide advisory services to support three safety-related initiatives.

The first cyber capability programme requires a system of behavioural and cultural change to sustain Parliament’s cyber capability. The second project will include a strategic analysis of the operating model and evaluation for the implementation of digital programmes.

The third security-related cyber capability programme will see the creation by the British Parliament of a plan for the maintenance, production and retention of cyber-enabled staff.

Prior to the procurement process, the UK Parliament is asking prospective vendors to complete a questionnaire.

The notice said, “We will use the insights we gain here to shape our requirements for that procurement.

“The soft market testing exercise will assist Parliamentary Digital Service understand the market and help shape the procurement process and assist with the definition of functional and non-functional requirements.

“The aim of this exercise is to provide a greater awareness of consultancy solutions that currently exist in the marketplace and to enable parliament to see if their ambitions to deliver broader cyber capability and cultural change can be supported by an external provider.

The Cyber Capacity Improvement Program will start early in 2020.

The deadline for completing the questionnaire is 14 October 2019.

Analysis Insight

A UK Parliamentary Committee recently said that the government’s digital strategy had lost momentum.

The committee said that the leadership of the digital government agenda was a recurring theme in the evidence it obtained during its investigation, apart from a loss of momentum in moving it forward.

The Parliamentary Committee also reported that there has been a lack of political leadership in digitisation in recent years following the departure of Francis Maude as Cabinet Minister during the coalition government.

The UK and the US have signed this week into a data access arrangement that will allow British law enforcement agencies to request access to electronic data on serious criminals directly from US tech companies.

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