UN calls for new policies to secure food distribution in Asia-Pacific

UN calls for new policies to secure food distribution in Asia-Pacific

In a statement released by the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, the organizations urged for a coordinated response amongst the countries in the Asian-pacific region to ensure the “food security and nutrition for billions of people.”

Recent policy briefings issued by the same agency have shown that the current approach for processing, growing and harvesting food need to be modified in order to tackle the repercussions caused by COVID-19.

The same report showed that the pandemic was causing a decline in income that resulted in making food less affordable.

The statement said “Hunger and malnutrition could rise.” FAO’s solutions consisted of a multilateral cooperation between the governments of the region and other stakeholders to construct a sustainable food system to address the issue and develop more policies.

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