Saturday, September 25, 2021

US ARL Patents Grenade Launched Camera Drone

The US Army Research Laboratory ARL registered a patent for a new camera drone lifted via a 40 mm grenade launcher.

(Graphic courtesy CCDC Army Research Laboratory)

The US ARL devised two types of Grenade Launched Unmanned Aerial System GLUAS. The small GLUAS includes the folding blade engine and Mylar wings to assist climbing. The larger version works like a helicopter, propelled by a set of coaxial rotors.

(Graphic courtesy CCDC Army Research Laboratory)

According to the designers, GLUAS gliding range reaches 2 Km. , its battery lifetime nears 90 minutes, and the operational height spans to 2,000 feet. After the launch, the drone opens its wings and is controlled by land troops with a joystick or another handheld tool, while its embedded camera provides video reconnaissance.

GLUAS primary use could be in mountain combat zones, wherever troops trapped by enemy firing can operate the drone and receive quick learning of the attacker’s whereabouts. Besides, GPS receivers and flight controllers can be installed on GLUAS to hunt opposed troops.

ARL is the research laboratory of the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command. ARL mission is to discover, to innovate, and to develop research about science and technology to produce the most effective strategic devices to the US Army.

George Costa
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