US Army receives L3Harris advanced night vision systems

US Army receives L3Harris advanced night vision systems
US Army receives L3Harris advanced night vision systems

L3Harris Technologies has announced that it has delivered the first 40 combat-ready Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binocular (ENVG-B) devices to the US Army.

According to a statement, the company started the initial shipments as part of the $391 m contract it received from the US Army last year.

The new systems are designed to provide soldiers with increased situational awareness, flexibility and safety.

L3Harris expects the initial deployment of the systems to be finished by early 2020.

This ENVG-B is designed to meet the needs of the US Army’s Cross-Functional Soldier Lethality Team.

The binocular night vision goggle features white phosphorous image intensification technology in a dual-tube goggle to provide improved ability to locate and respond to threats.

It also includes a separate thermal channel to allow object fusion and thermal target detection.

Dana Mehnert, president of L3Harris Technologies Communication Systems, said: “The ENVG-B is the culmination of a year-long partnership with the US Army to produce the most sophisticated night combat system ever deployed.

Dana Mehnert, president of L3Harris Technologies Communication Systems, said, “The ENVG-B is the result of a year-long collaboration with the US Army to deliver the most advanced night fighting system ever fielded.

Mehnert added, “This is the first networked night vison system that brings battlefield imagery and data directly to the soldier’s eye, providing situational awareness beyond the capability of near-peer threats facing the US military and our allies around the world.”

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The company received additional orders totalling about $153 million for the supply of 7,000 systems and logistics support.

Under the ENVG-B Directed Requirement Agreement, L3Harris has so far received orders to supply more than 10,000 devices to the Army.

L3Harris has integrated a new high-resolution display and an embedded soldier’s wireless personal area network into the ENVG-B system.

In addition, the advanced platform is fitted with target acquisition and augmented reality software to work with the integrated US Army Nett Warrior Disassembled Leader Situational Awareness (SA) program.

The complete system facilitates interfacing with the army-operated family of gun sightings.

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