US to resume military aid to some Somali troops

US to resume military aid to some Somali troops

The United States (US) has resumed its military assistance to the Somali government in order to reinforce operations against Al-Qaeda linked militias.

The assistance was resumed 18 months after it was suspended over widespread corruption concerns.

The US Embassy in Somalia said that the resumption of military aid “comes as a result of our increased confidence in the economic reforms that Somalia has implemented”.

The statement added that the Somali government should focus on restructuring and strengthening the security sector to improve its forces’ capabilities to enhance security and stability in the country.

The resumption of military assistance to units not working directly with US forces will be on a pilot basis, the Embassy added.

The US announced in July 2019 its intention to restore military support for the Somali army after stopping it in December 2017.

The US suspension of assistance came after the Somali troops failed to account for fuel and food, according to private correspondence between the US and Somali governments seen by Reuters.

“During recent discussions between the United States and the Federal Government of Somalia, both sides agreed that the Somali National Army had failed to meet the standards for accountability for U.S. assistance,” a State Department official told Reuters

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