Saturday, September 25, 2021

Venezuelan Sukhoi SU 30 fighter jets enter Guyana’s airspace increasing tensions

Two Venezuelan Sukhoi SU 30 fighter jets flyng at ‘very low altitude’ entered the Guyana’s airspace increasing tensions between the two countries, according to Guyana Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister Hugh Todd.

The incident is the latest in a ‘long-running border conflict’ between Venezuela and Guyana.

Guyana Foreign Affairs Ministry said in a statement: “The incursion of our territory of the two Venezuelan fighter jets is a clear indication that the government of Venezuela is prepared to use aggression and intimidation to accomplish what cannot be accomplished by legal means- the surrender by Guyana of its patrimony.

“The Government of Guyana exhorts the Government of Venezuela, and its agents, to behave in a manner consistent with international law and good neighbourly relations.

“The international community will be kept informed of all actions undertaken by Venezuela to undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Guyana and threaten the peace and security of the region.”

Neal Path
Neal Path is a reporter covering international affairs and defense news. He leads a team of specialist technical journalists and defense forecasting analysts, working across a range of online products. Neal Path is a defense technology specialist and has written widely on most areas of defense technology, but his particular areas of interest include missile defense, precision weapons, naval warfare, sensor capabilities and military operations.