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International Insider provides researchers, scholars, and practitioners active in the field of geopolitics and foreign affairs with a forum to publish analysis on global geopolitical issues.

We cover a broad range of topics related to foreign policy and global international affairs. We strive to present clear thinking by knowledgeable practitioners on key geopolitical issues, written in English that can be read with ease by professionals and experts.

International Insider invites interested writers and contributors to make high-quality submissions relating to the themes we seek to address including military, political, economic and diplomatic issues with a global geopolitical relevance.

Articles must take the form of briefings, situation reports, analysis, forecasts, interviews or editorials that seek to detail and predict the course of global geopolitical events.

Submissions should range between 300 and 2,000 words. Submissions should provide a unique perspective and analysis of current international issues

Submission Guidelines

Intelligence Briefings
examine how issues ranging from uncertainty surrounding geopolitical events are affecting specific regions or industries. Briefings combine operational ground-level reporting with strategic level assessments to provide readers with concise and insightful assessments.

Situation Reports 
(500-1,800 words)
analyse relevant geopolitical topics or issues from all possible angles. The reports provide unbiased, accurate geopolitical analysis about the political, economic, and military impact of a salient international event.

News Articles
(300-800 words)
aims to provide readers an understanding of complex contemporary regional environments that have recently been in the news, in the light of military, political, diplomatic, economic and technological dynamics affecting the global political environment. 

(750-2,000 words) helps readers to anticipate and navigate a volatile geopolitical system providing accurate forecasts and scenarios for both short term and long term horizons. In a world of bewildering data complexity, to have a clear understanding of the ways that politics and geography converge to influence future trends is essential to manage organisations’ success.

Geopolitical Forecasts
(800-1,500 words) 
identify strategic trends and predict the likely course of future events based on the current situation integrating multi-source data into accurate, timely forecasts on worldwide issues.

Editorials and Interviews
(800-1,500 words)
We welcome pitches and unsolicited manuscripts, considering them on a rolling basis rather than according to a fixed editorial calendar.

Chinese and Indian armed forces clash on border in Sikkim

Formatting and Editorial Notes

The best guide to what we are looking for, in terms of both formatting and content is what we have already published, so prospective authors should start by browsing our content archives.

We adheres to the Chicago Manual of Style on questions of spelling, formatting, and grammar.

All articles and isights should be accompanied by contact information and a brief note describing the author’s relevant experience.

We primarily rely on authors to ensure the veracity of their content. Contributors should be able to provide appropriate citations for any facts or quotations their pieces contain.

Submissions will be assessed on the basis of how well they adhere to the formats outlined below. While we review all submissions, not every submission will be published.

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