Yemen’s Houthis group claims attack on Saudi Aramco facility

Yemen’s Houthis group claims attack on Saudi Aramco facility

Yemen’s Houthi rebel group has claimed responsibility for a new missile attack on Saudi oil facilities in Jeddah operated by state-controlled Saudi Aramco.

It was reported that a Quds-2 missile hit the Aramco-operated oil distribution facility in Jeddah at dawn today, Houthi spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Saree said. Saree released images of the North Jeddah Bulk plant, a storage facility for oil products, although these images showed no damage.

Neither Aramco nor Saudi authorities have yet issued a comment on the attack.

The Jeddah bulk plant is the same facility that the Houthis attacked in November 2020, that reportedly resulted in a fire but caused no disruption to operations.

The Quds-2 missile is an improved version of the Quds-1 land-attack cruise missile that offers a greater operational range.

The Houthis militia operates in a territory along the Saudi border in the northwest of Yemen but this is around 700 km from the Red Sea port city of Jeddah.

The targeted complex was originally a 85,000 b/d refinery refinery which was converted in late 2017 into a distribution hub for oil products.

The Houthis systematically carry out attacks, the main target of which remains Saudi Arabia and its infrastructure

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